Saturday, August 8, 2009

mini update

So, I've finished my second full week of teaching. And I'm still a little confused on what I'm doing. Whitney and I have decided that it has been way harder for us to adjust to how they teach, then it was for the other American teachers. Because we are the only ones with an Education major..therefore we have been taught stuff that is completely different than what they are telling us to do. We also can't really tell what level the students are on, because the material that we are teaching these kids is way beyond where we think they should be at. I'm also still getting used to all the differences in the school. Such as how all the kids take off their shoes when entering the classroom. It's just kind of odd to have all your students running around with no shoes on. Well, the Kinders have little bootie/slipper things that they wear. Another thing is that there are no grades. We check stuff like workbook pages and journals but we don't record any grades.

I was supposed to go river rafting and paintballing this weekend with all the co-workers, like a school trip. As was said in our meeting (translated) "We need to have one in harmony". Their translations can be quite funny sometimes. But anyways, it was canceled (or I guess postponed) due to the rain. Which I think would have made the water rafting more fun. Oh well. So, Whitney and I have just been hanging out. We walked to the World Cup Stadium yesterday, which was fun. It took us forever to walk looked a lot closer on the map. I'm still not sure what World Cup was there. Once we got there we found a big mall outlet/groccery store. The mall was huge and had lots of stores: Guess, Levi, Fubu (haha), Calvin Klein, Polo (or a knock off of polo), etc.. There were also tons of shoe stores. And ice cream shops.

Ok, well this was just a quick update. I'll add more later. :)

Few things I've learned about Korea:

1. The kids LOVE stickers. My name tag at school will probably be covered in stickers at the end of the year. We even use stickers in their workbooks.

2. Most men ranging from 18-30 wear man purses. Don't really know what they carry in those. Many of them are designer bags, like Louie Vuitton and such.

3. Almost all Korean women wear heels. Even just with shorts. The Korean teachers at my school wear them for a few minutes on the way to school, just to take them off and wear slippers all day.

4. They love ice cream here. There are a ton of Baskin Robins and little ice cream shops everywhere! This is one thing I love about Korea! :) oh and they have Dunkin Donuts everywhere too. They have just about as many Dunkin Donuts here as we have McDonalds in America.

5. Koreans are all super friendly! :) They love to help lost Americans and will do anything to help you. The Korean teachers at my school are so nice too. The other day one of them ordered us a pizza and had it delivered to our apartment.

I'll have to add to the list...

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