Friday, April 9, 2010

Korean aerobics class :)

A few weeks ago Erica and I decided to join the gym. That way we could get in shape and do something after school other than sit on our couches and watch NCIS. We found a gym within walking distance and signed ourselves up. After a few days of running on the treadmill and trying to figure out the machines with weights in kilograms, we opted to try one of the aerobics classes that they offered. Aerobics classes are always a little difficult going in for the first time and not knowing the routine and what to expect. But it’s even harder going into an aerobics class when the trainer is speaking Korean.

The first one we went to was a strength toning class. There were a few old grandmas going in the class, so we felt a little more confident going in. We’ve actually become friends with one of them. We made our way to the back of the room to avoid major embarrassment, but as more people came in we were forced to go closer to the front. We immediately knew who the instructor was when she walked in the door with her tight tube top and the tiniest shorts I’ve ever seen. As we began the routine it was all pretty basic with stretching, lunges, and arm exercises with little dumbbells. That was until the hip movement began. I don’t think I’d ever moved my hips that much in my life. Throughout the whole class we were swinging our hips and doing pelvic thrusts. I thought I was pretty coordinated, but when it comes to hip shaking and lifting the weights at the same time I struggled. It might have been because I could not stop laughing.

The other class we went to was the step class, which was also quite entertaining (for both us and the people watching us). Trying to follow along with the fast step moves and the music getting faster and faster was a defiantly a challenge. We eventually got the hang of it after bobbling up and down on the step box. The best part of the class was in the middle of the routine when we stepped away from our boxes and did a ‘dance’ routine to a techno version of “It’s Raining Men”. Which, yes included more hip shaking and Beyonce booty moves. I almost fell on the floor laughing.

So it’s been a fun experience at the gym. We love the classes and we go almost every day. My mom came to visit last week!! I’ll have to do another update this weekend maybe.

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